Machine Learning Powered IDS for .Onion Services

Alliinase is an AI powered appliance for protecting Onion Services and their users from NIT techniques

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A different type of WAF

Onion services on the darknet face a different threat model to services on the clearnet and there aren't any products designed around this risk.

Detection of client traffic staining, transit interference and more

The Global Passive Adversary is no longer a theoretical risk to the operation of Onion services. Ouch technology allows .onion sysadmins to protectively detect and respond to attacks on their infrastructure.


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We're Hiring!

We need more people to help us build a new generation of Intrusion Detection System.

Data Scientist

Skills: PyTorch, Python, Experience with Nvidia DGX equipment preferred.

Location: Remote

Salary: € 60,000+

Software Developer

Skills: Python, GoLang, *BSD, Understanding of TCP/IP

Location: Remote

Salary: € 40,000+

Test Engineering

Skills: GoLang, JavaScript, Understanding of TCP

Location: Remote

Salary: € 25,000+

Network Engineer

Skills: Solid grasp of TCP/IP & layer 3 routing, proxies, traffic/port mirroring. Experience with BSD & Arista preferred.

Location: Remote

Salary: € 55,000+